Frequently Asked Questions

What is DH?

Downhill mountain biking (DH) is a genre of mountain biking practiced on steep, rough terrain that often features jumps, drops, rock gardens and other obstacles. Downhill bikes are heavier and stronger than other mountain bikes and feature front and rear suspension with over 8 inches (200 mm) of travel, to glide quickly over rocks and tree roots. Source: Wikipedia

Do I need a DH bike?

We find that most of our riders enjoy the advantage and ease a DH or downhill bike can bring while riding this kind of terrain. Enduro and other bigger suspension bikes are also good options. We currently rent full suspension DH bikes; check them out here.

Can I ride my trail bike?

Modern day trail bikes are becoming more and more capable each year. Depending on a rider's individual skill set and experiences, we find that many enjoy riding their trail bikes at Bailey Mountain Bike Park.

What about a hard tail or a full suspension XC or cross-country bike?

Hard tails, or bikes without rear suspension, are not recommended for the current trail system. We find most guests do not do not enjoy the experience. The steepness of the grade in the park requires capabilities not offered by most XC style bikes and even some late model trail bikes.

What if I show up and find my bike isn't appropriate for the conditions I discover within the park?

While availability is not guaranteed, we offer DH bikes for rent on a first come, first served basis. Riders may reserve / rent a DH bike in advance via online registration. More information.

I hear there are jumps at Bailey Mountain. Will my dirt jumper/pump track bike work?

While there are many jumps within the trails at the park, the speed and rough trail surfaces make for a pretty rough ride on this style of bike.

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All bikes need working disc brakes.
Rim brakes are not acceptable.
It is the responsibility of the rider to make sure their bike is in proper riding condition.

Should you need the services of a local bike mechanic, visit our friends at Asheville Bicycle Company (closest to park), Find Your Line (super convenient freeway access in town) or our buddy Greg at Asheville Street & Dirt (West Asheville).

What level of trails do you have?

Currently, we offer blue or intermediate level gravity or downhill trails and black or advanced level gravity or downhill trails. This is different than a blue level trail you might have experienced while riding XC or Cross Country trails. Bailey Mountain Bike Park trails are steep compared to other downhill specific parks. If you have never ridden downhill trails, it's best to begin on green trails. We will be offering beginner downhill or "green" trails at a later date.

What are your hours?

We are open on weekends from 11 am until 5 pm. During the Spring, Summer and Fall we offer Friday Twilight hours through October, but hours change to take advantage of daylight. Friday's Twilight hours have faded into the sunset for 2017. We are open on some holidays including some weekday holidays. Please check the calendar for more information.

How does it work?

We shuttle riders to the top of the mountain during operation hours. The shuttle round trip is about 15 minutes; it runs constantly. Last shuttle runs about 15 minutes before scheduled close time. 

Can I self-shuttle or push/pedal up on days you are not open?

No. Bailey Mountain Bike Park is located on private property.

Do I have to make a reservation?

We recommend you make a reservation if you want to guarantee that a space will be reserved for you. We limit the number of riders in the park to prevent excessive shuttle wait times. If you are a group of friends wanting to ride together, we recommend you book a few days in advance; please do not wait until the last minute.

How do I purchase a ride pass or make a reservation?

You can purchase a pass / reserve space, or check availability from the website (click here). Generally, passes are posted for sale about a month out.

Can I bring a group?

Absolutely! If you are a group of at least ten, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about riding days not already on the schedule.

Private Parties, Events, Factory Demo Days

Yes, yes and yes! Call us. We'd be happy to try and accommodate your function and of course we'd love to support manufacturer demo days at the Park. 

When do you close? Did I hear you are going to be open all year?

Yes, you did hear we are going to be open year-round! We will open for weekends as long as it's safe to get to the park and safe to ride the trails all through the winter.

Winter Riding

Riding conditions in the winter are generally more wet than conditions in summer or fall. The trails are subject to "freeze thaw" when the air temps drop below freezing for more than a few hours. Occasionally, it's necessary to close a trail(s) when these conditions exist. Expect at least some mud when riding during winter, mid-December through February.

How much does it cost to ride?

A one-day park pass is $35.

Will you offer a Season Pass?

Not exactly, as we'll be open for all the seasons. We will announce this program as soon as it's available.

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Can I use my cross country helmet or "half-shell" while riding in the park.

Only full face helmets will be allowed in Bailey Mountain Bike Park. We think it's the safest option.

Full face helmets are now available for rent at the Bike Park. We have adult sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. See size chart below. Please reserve your size here.

Fox Racing Helmet Size Chart


Do you have a trail map?

We do not yet have a trail map, however profiles of the park are beginning to emerge on MTBProject by IMBA, also and you can also find it here at

Weather / What if it rains?

Generally speaking, we don't stop shuttling if it rains. Considerations are made if the trails or shuttle road become unsafe.

Should Bailey Mountain Bike Park close for any reason (ie., summer or winter weather), we will offer a raincheck or a refund to any rider having purchased a pass for the specific date of cancellation. We will make every effort to contact you in advance with the information provided at time of pass purchase.

Can I camp at the Park?

Camping sites inside the park are not yet available. We will announce the availability of camping as soon as we can. You might want to check out lodging and campsites in Madison County, and in the Asheville area / Buncombe County. The park is located closest to the town of Mars Hill in Madison County.

Can I come and check it out? I'd really love to see how it's going.

On the weekends we are running shuttles, so yes you can come see us. If you would like to check out our real estate opportunities, we ask that you contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or give us a call. During the week the park is still a construction site, so that poses some issue with safety. We hope that you will hang tight and refrain from stopping by on weekdays. Thanks.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We offer dig-to-ride dates where a rider can help out on the trails in exchange for ride time. Please contact us at the email below if you would like to "dig-to-ride."

Where are you?

Bailey Mountain Bike Park is located about 20 miles north of Asheville, North Carolina. Get directions and more information here.

Is hiking available at Bailey Mountain Bike Park?

We are a bike specific park with one-way trails designed specifically for downhill mountain biking. We do not have hiking trails. Hiking is not allowed inside the park. Our neighbor however--Bailey Mountain Foundation--does allow hiking. Those hiking trails are accessible from the MHU side of the mountain. Please see their web page for more information and directions. Bailey Mountain Foundation.

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