When we began the idea of building a bike park our first desire was to create a great place to ride. What this means to riders can vary wildly but here are our thoughts:

Jump Line! Seems to us with all the great riding in Western North Carolina there is not yet a great jump line. So we are building one. Bailey Mountain Bike Park will open with a jump line!

Variety! Lots of really good trails. Variety is the spice of life. Limiting the trail offering to only 3 or 4 options does not make for the happiest of riders or inspire people to come back. Our goal is a bit different. We want to offer multiple trails with tons of options for diverse skillsets and interests.

Be Welcoming! Be nice to people and take care of them. While it seems obvious, we feel it is important to always remember that we are building this park for folks to ride and enjoy, and we want our riders to come back. And then come back again! Our goal is to offer a great experience with every visit. Our guests have choices on where to ride and race and we want that choice to be Bailey Mountain Bike Park.

Our park's mission statement clearly revolves around our customers. It might not make it on t-shirt but it will be our mantra:

Bailey Mountain Bike Park exists to serve mountain bike riders and professionals who desire access to a dedicated, year-round, world-class downhill and mountain biking facility. Bailey Mountain Bike Park is dedicated to consistent, high customer satisfaction by staging excellent riding and race experiences in concert with superior ride support facilities and exceptional customer service in a safe, fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere.

Come see us! It's a great day on the Mountain.

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